Advertising Email Campaign


Determining how many emails to send for your advertising email campaign:

Determining the proper number of email address to send is a fine balance. Send too many email messages, and you overwhelm your audience with too many emails. Conversely, send too few, and you can overwhelm your email marketing audience with too much content in each one.

The total number of email messages that you send should match your consumers need for your information - and not your need to send information.

For example, a Realtor might want to send dozens of emails over a period of weeks to people actively shopping for a home while sending only one email per month to people who rent an apartment, with no immediate intentions of purchasing a home.

Estimating how many emails you need to effectively deliver all of your information might be as simple as dividing your information into equal parts or as complex as delivering successively greater amount of content as your audience becomes more engaged.

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