Advertising Objectives


Organizing your Marketing message into themes based on your Advertising Objectives

Stating clear advertising objectives gives you a platform for creating email content that accomplishes your objectives. Running a small business involves frequently setting new objectives and developing new email marketing content in line with those objectives. When your time is limited, you might be tempted to create email content that fits your schedule better than your objectives.

One of the most important reasons to use specific objectives to guide the creation of your email content is to keep you from bombarding your customers and prospects with all your information.

Sending all the information you can think of to everyone and then hoping that someone finds something interesting in your email is spraying and praying, and it is no way to reward all your hard work. Avoid using the following email strategies to prevent spraying and praying.

- Newsletters with mixtures of themes, multiple unrelated article and numerous calls to action.
- Promotions featuring multiple contrasting products along with non-promotional content.
- Announcements pertaining to a select group of contacts but sent to everyone.
- Procedural emails including excessive or confusing promotional messages.

While you develop email content, think about how your audience will perceive your intentions. If you want your audience to help you accomplish your objectives, your audience needs to know why you are sending them email and what you are asking them to do. Because you cannot just tell your audience to buy something, you have to translate your objectives into themes that clue your audience in on your objectives without explicitly telling them what you are trying to accomplish.

Email message make more sense to your prospects and customers when the content you create and deliver is tied together under familiar themes. A theme is the main idea of your entire email campaign. Themes are not the same as format. Format refers to the classification and configuration of an email.

Most objective can be grouped into one of four familiar themes:
- Promotional
- Information
- Procedural
- Relational

Emails can sometimes include content with multiple themes, but in such cases, it is usually best to have one main theme and several related themes grouped together visually under the main theme.

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