Broadcast Fax Service
And the Benefits


Broadcast Fax Service- The benefits and who they are for.

What are the benefits of fax broadcasting?

To begin just one advantage of using a service to send broadcast faxes is that your own fax machine is not tied up during the transmission of the broadcast fax. By using an Internet fax service, you do not need to buy special computer equipment, fax servers, special software, nor have multiple phone lines.

The advantages of broadcasting your fax over the internet are quite numerous and for many reasons. Besides not needing the additional phone line, as is required by a traditional fax machine; with Internet faxing, there are no paper, ink, or toner expenses or repairs. Some find that Internet faxing makes it simpler to manage faxes. Internet faxing also eliminates the chance of missing a fax because of a fax machine being turned off, a busy signal, or no paper or ink.

Your fax broadcast message carries much more impact than regular postal mail, and stands the best chance of being seen and read by your intended recipients. How many times have you gone to the post box and thrown most of it away? Everyone reads their faxes so your message is being seen by all of your intended recipients.

What about those who say they don’t have lists that big and can handle the job alone? We have an answer for that and hopefully will help your business grow in the process. Think of it this way, you can deliver millions of fax pages a month which are designed specifically for your business. We can give you database marketing through niche marketing lists, delivering targeted traffic every time.

Is your business ready for a thousand new visitors today? Let us show you how to benefit by advertising and marketing with Fax Broadcasting.

Are you in need of a Fax Broadcasting Company to market your own product or service? There are already many benefits which you have read about on this site. If you are ready to advertise your product or service now, Let's get started!

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Fax Email Database Broadcasting At It's Best!


Broadcast Fax Marketing software has made it really easy for the average businessperson to manage their own fax blasting program.


Broadcasting, like every new effort has a learning curve built into it. Mistakes are unavoidable. But time is money, so while dealing with the high volumes normally involved in fax broadcasting, one simple mistake can be very costly.


In selecting the outside fax broadcast services that are right for your company, remember – technology is everything in the
fax broadcast industry.


There's no better way to get your message or picture printed and in the palm of your recipient's hand anywhere in the world faster than with fax broadcasting.


Our Sales Leads Database will benefit your business in ways you never thought of.