Bulk Email Advertising


Figuring out how often to call for action in bulk email advertising:

When your bulk email broadcasting campaign are always asking your audience for some type of action, chances are that the majority of your audience is not ready for action with every frequency you choose. Calling for action is a balance: some calls to action wear off if you send them too often and others won’t work unless you repeat them often enough.

You can call your audience to action with frequency:
- Design your bulk email templates for action: Create a bulk email template exclusively for urgent message while maintaining a look that is consistent with your brand. Then, reserve that template for only the most urgent messages you need to send.
- Match your calls to action with your audience: Because different people take action for different reasons, you can change your calls to action to match the reasons why different people in your audience take action.
- Match the timing of your calls to action with your audience’s behavior: Calling for action precisely when your audience is ready to take action is likely to result in the best response to your call. Because you can not tell exactly when your audience is ready to take action on every call to action, keep track of the types of behavior your audience exhibits to help you determine when you need to call for action and when you should send other types of messages.

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