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"Fax Marketing with Direct Marketing Efforts Reaching a New Niche of Customers"

Fax marketing can give new life into your direct marketing efforts. If you are spending too much money with other forms of direct marketing, then you need to seek out fax marketing.

Traditional marketing and advertising assumes that all of your customers are traditional people. Even newer technologies like email assume that the best way to reach people is when they are at their computers.

But think about it – there are plenty of people who move around and work on the go. Checking email may be a lower priority, and may be a task they only tend to once a day, once a week, or whenever they get around to it. When your target customers aren’t checking their email, your email advertisements aren’t being seen. Fax marketing can help reach this niche of customers by matching their fast-moving, real-time work style.

Fax Marketing Can Uncover Hidden Sales

Your fax marketing will tap into the hidden sales that can come from these people on the move because a fax is something physical, and seems to command a sense of urgency by its nature.

Think about it. When you see a fax machine generating a fax printout, you assume its urgent. Your natural urge is to grab the fax off of the machine, and read it to see what’s up. A paper fax just can’t be ignored as easily as other electronic communications, like email and voicemail which can be stored and considered later.

This is why fax marketing is perfect to get your message noticed, because if you can just get enough people to take a second and read what you have to say, the law of numbers says that a certain number of them will turn into sales.

A paper fax marketing message can’t be easily stored for later reading by your target customer like an email either. Your customer’s tendency, if they want to follow-up in response to your fax communication, is to keep the fax on their desk or other place in front of them, because most people are worried about "out-of-sight, out-of-mind".

This means your message will be sitting right in front of your target customer, while your competitors email or voicemail messages float around in electronic storage, forgotten until a later time. When the customer gets in a buying mood, guess who they’ll remember?

Don’t pass up these incredibly lucrative niches of potential customers who are often bypassed because traditional email and voicemail don’t match their on-the-move work style. Hit them with your fax marketing, and you’ll guarantee that you’re the one they’ll remember. A paper in the hand is worth a hundred emails in the electronic in-box.

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