Renting email address lists


Renting email address lists

Because quality confirmed permission email lists are so valuable, beware of supposed confirmed permission lists for sale as a data file. Quality confirmed permission email lists are always rented out because the email addresses are too valuable to sell.

As you might guess, list rental means that the list broker will never give you the email addresses used to send your email. Instead, you supply content to the list broker, and the list broker formats and sends your email to the list.

Because list rental buys only one sending opportunity, I recommend that you include a sign up link in your broker email. Simply asking the recipients to "Buy it now" is asking for a small percentage of responses.

Include a sign up link asking recipients to subscribe to your personal email list can make it possible to own the information from people who are interested but who are not ready to buy the moment they receive your brokered email. If the email list broker does not allow a subscription link in the email, make sure that any links in your broker email lead to a landing page that included your sign up box, button or link.

If you can capture sales and information by using a rented email list, make sure that your emails continue to meet or exceed all possible professional standards to help keep subscribers interested and happy to be on the list after they have confirmed.

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