Email Marketing Evaluation


Evaluating your Email Marketing

Not all your email marketing evaluation has to be based on clicks throughs. For example, you might ask people to phone you and request more information. Then, you can evaluate your email marketing message based on how many phone calls you receive and what people say when they call. Other methods of tracking and measurement include:

- Ask people to print your email marketing message to redeem an offer: You can then count the number of customers who return a printed email to your store or office.
- Ask people to mention your message when email a reply: You can track how many emails mention the message.
-Ask people to fill out an online form: You can analyze the data collected from the forms.
-Ask people to forward your email to friends and colleagues. You can track how many new subscribers you receive as a result of the forwarded emails.
- Track activity in the product lines and services mentioned in your message: You can calculate the difference between the average level of activity and the change in activity.

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