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Choosing the proper email marketing message length

Email marketing messages are generally more effective when you make them as concise as possible. Consumers who want to receive lengthy email messages frequently are the exception rather than the rule. There is no such thing as the perfect email message length that works best for everyone and every format. Frequency and length depend on your audience and value of your content.

Until you become familiar enough with your audience to know how much content they will tolerate in each email, adopt a less is more mentality. As a general rule, the longer the content, the less frequently your audience will tolerate getting your emails.

Although your audience will ultimately tell you when messages are too long by unsubscribing or opening your emails less frequently, you can reduce the size of your individual emails and correctly match your frequency with your length by doing the following:

- Break your content into parts and send a series of emails
- Use images to describe the value of your products or services.
- Use white space and design elements.

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