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Email list Marketing Tips: Creating an effective email marketing newsletter

Like everything else in email marketing, creating a good email newsletter can take more time than you expect. Allow a learning curve if you decided to design one yourself or let us here at Expedite Email Marketing help you design a world class email marketing newsletter. Your newsletter must comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

The "From" and "Subject Lines" are key to increasing the open rate for your news letter. In particular:

- Do not forget branding. Include your name, company, product and /or service in either the From or Subject line. Once established, use the From line consistently.

- Entice the email list subscriber. Insert a benefit or another reason for opening the message in the subject line.

- Be Honest. Do not trick people into opening your email with a misleading subject line. An accurate subject line is actually a legal requirement.

- Create a sense of urgency. Incorporate time dependent phrases or other words of urgency to encourage opening your newsletter promptly: The name of the month, this week, now, important recall notice, exclusive offer are all key words when doing your email marketing newsletter.

- Do not overdo it. Avoid using punctuation in the subject line for your email list marketing message, especially exclamation points. Do not use all capital letters either; they trimmer filters.

- Keep it short. Keep the subject line to 50 characters, including spaces.

Email List etiquette and best practice tips for email list marketing:

Email etiquette tip #1: Don't pester people on an email list—Sending e-mail marketing campaigns is so simple that it can easily be overdone. If you call a prospect everyday, that's considered pestering—the same rule applies for marketing to an e-mail list. It’s wise to respect peoples’ time and privacy, and don’t overuse the technology simply because it's there.

Email etiquette tip #2: Don't deceive or mislead people on an email list—Remember that Federal law prohibits marketing e-mail messages that are deceiving or misleading. The subject line should not make the recipient think he or she is getting something he or she is not. Obviously, determining what can be misleading is subjective, so it’s a judgment call you need to make. If you are opposed to receiving direct mail that appears to be a bill or an IRS notice, it’s best to avoid using similar tactics in your e-mail marketing that can appear as deceptive.

Email etiquette tip #3: Don't overburden your recipients—Emails that ramble on become wearisome to read and taxing on the attention span. Huge files that take a long time to download can also be aggravating to recipients, especially those with older, slower PCs. When sending rich-media and graphic e-mail messages to an email list, keep file size to a maximum of 40K.

Email etiquette tip #4: Use discretion with multiple email addresses—Many people have become more guarded about their email addresses and would not appreciate you listing it visibly when sending a single message to numerous recipients at once. This is one of the biggest reasons why people hire a professional email marketing company. Most e-mail systems have separate procedures for "carbon copies" where the list of recipients appears along with the message, and "blind carbon copies," where the email list is nowhere to be seen.

Email etiquette tip #5: Make it simple for recipients to opt out—Every email marketing newsletter or list marketing message you deploy should give the recipient an easy way to opt out of receiving future e-mails from you, and subsequently, they must be deleted from your email list. You must honor all such requests—it is the law.

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