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Fax Blast Broadcasting leads to large number of potential customers. If your company has a sales message to get out, or there are new developments in your business and you need to make hundreds of employees, suppliers, or others aware of this quickly, fax blast is an absolute must.

There's no better way to get your message or picture printed and in the palm of your recipient's hand anywhere in the world faster than with fax broadcasting. Not only that, a high volume fax blast is like no other method of sales communication when it comes to getting fast results.

If you fax blast a new sales promotion, you'll find that your phone immediately starts ringing. If you fax blast information on a new product change to all of your field people, they get the information instantly, which can avoid a ton of headaches that could otherwise result from incorrect sales orders and related problems.

Fax Blast Your Pitch to Billions

A sophisticated fax broadcasting system can coordinate your mailing lists, email systems, mailing systems and fax broadcasting together in a unified effort to get the word out to you prospects, customers, suppliers and employees.

Blasting fax messages to these people can literally reach billions in the time it used to take you to communicate with a fraction of those people. You time is leveraged, and your manpower and dollar costs involved in your corporate communications are greatly reduced by fax blasting.

One word of caution, however. You don't want to get carried away with fax blasting to customers or prospects who haven't opted-in and volunteered to receive your faxes. If you blast unsolicited faxes to people, you will be in violation of federal law and can find yourself in a lot of hot water.

There have actually been cases where one improper fax has been enough to lead to a substantial lawsuit, including the huge waste of time and money that goes along with it. Be safe. Take care to keep an updated database to assure that you blast faxes only to those people who have consented in one way or another to receive your fax broadcasts.

By exercising some caution to comply with the laws, you can operate a system that will allow you to fax blast your messages to customers and employees without fear of reprisal.

The time you save, and the extra sales you'll generate will be unbelievable. So try fax broadcasting for yourself. When you fax blast your company's message, you'll have a blast yourself doing business at a new extreme.

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Broadcast Fax Marketing software has made it really easy for the average businessperson to manage their own fax blasting program.


Broadcasting, like every new effort has a learning curve built into it. Mistakes are unavoidable. But time is money, so while dealing with the high volumes normally involved in fax broadcasting, one simple mistake can be very costly.


In selecting the outside fax broadcast services that are right for your company, remember – technology is everything in the
fax broadcast industry.


There's no better way to get your message or picture printed and in the palm of your recipient's hand anywhere in the world faster than with fax broadcasting.


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