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Question : Do I have to commit to a long-term agreement?
Answer : No. There is no long-term commitment. There is no set up or monthly maintenance fees.

Question : Where can you send fax broadcasting campaigns?
Answer : We can send fax broadcasting campaigns anywhere in North America. This includes any State, Province, City, or Area Code in both Canada and the United States.

We can also send fax broadcasts in the following 26 countries: Australia; Austria; China; Croatia; Denmark; Estonia; France; Germany; Hong Kong; Hungary; India; Ireland; Italy; Isreal; Japan; Luxembourg; Netherlands; New Zealand; Russia; Singapore; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Taiwan; Thailand; United Kingdom

Question : What if a fax number is busy?
Answer : We utilize a dynamic retry system to maximize your successful fax deliveries. Our system will retry any busy number or failed attempt at least 3 times.

Question : Am I charged for failures or retries with your Fax Broadcast Service?
Answer : No. You are charged for completed faxes only.

Question : Can I send a cover page with your Fax Broadcast Service?
Answer : Yes, you can further personalize your document by using a customized cover page with your broadcast.

Question : What file formats are supported for my Fax document and/or distribution list?
Answer : Fax document – Microsoft Word, Excel, or Publisher, or Adobe PDF, TIFF Fax list – Microsoft Excel, Comma separated (.csv), or dbase (.dbf)

Question : Does your Fax Broadcast Service attach any advertising to my fax message?
Answer : No. We will NOT attach advertising about our company. The message you fax is the message that your client will receive. Outsourcing your fax communications to FaxEmailBroadcasting.com is transparent to your customers.

Question : Can I use my own business fax data base lists?
Answer : Yes, you can use your own personalized business fax data base list. Simply provide it to us in the above listed formats and we shall create your personalized list.

Question : What if I don’t have a fax business data base list?
Answer : You can choose from our 4.5 million existing business fax data base lists. All faxes are sent with an “opt out” toll free service number attached to your message and includes your personalized heading. If a business no longer wishes to receive a fax from you they simply call the number, enter their fax number and it is immediately permanently removed from the data base.

Question : Is there an extra cost to use your business Fax Broadcast Service data base lists?
Answer : No, there is no extra cost to using our existing business fax data base lists, however all faxes will be sent out with an “opt out” toll free service number attached to your message.

Question : Is there an extra cost when a business uses the “opt out” service?
Answer : No, there is no extra cost to you when a business uses the “opt out” service after receiving your fax.

Question : How will I know when my fax broadcast is completed?
Answer : Once your fax broadcast is complete, you will automatically receive a summary completion report via email. The summary completion report will show you all completed received faxes and non received faxes including the reason why they where not recieved.

Question : How many faxes can you send per hour?
Answer : We can send up to 500 000 faxes per hour.

Question : Can I schedule my broadcast to go out anytime?
Answer : Yes, our broadcast system enables us to send your fax broadcast out immediately or you can schedule a specific date and time for your fax communication to be sent.

Question : Are there any long distance charges?
Answer : No, there are zero long distance charges. Our systems can fax to any state, province or city in North America along with our 26 servicing countries free of long distance charges to you. We absorb all applicable long distance charges when sending your fax broadcasting campaign. There are no additional costs other then the quoted price per page.

Question : Do you have any discounts for mass broadcasting?
Answer : Yes. You can learn more here about Discount Fax Broadcasting

Question : What are your payment options?
Answer : Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, and PayPal

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