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Learn how Marketing by Fax broadcasting is an effective and affordable method of getting your marketing message out to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of current and potential clients all at the same time.

People are 2 to 4 times more likely to read a fax than direct mail! Everybody has to read their faxes.

You're guaranteed at least one view per fax (unlike a magazine of a hundred pages where your ad may or may not be seen). You know from personal experience that direct mail is often thrown directly into the waste basket without even opening the envelope. You can't do that with a fax.

We have the information that will help your business increase its broadcast fax marketing success. You will be able to minimize your marketing dollars spent, while increasing your broadcast fax effectiveness in the process.

To improve your broadcast message and service, try some of these marketing tip and hints. Attract attention to your documents by creating eye-catching, attractive and graphical cover sheets and documents. Use effective headlines throughout your Internet Fax, and make your Cover sheet snappy and to the point.

Make sure your business is reaching the most customers by using statistical reporting fax programs. These applications offer detailed reports on your fax broadcast services, including the status of successful, unsuccessful programs. We will provide you with those at no extra charge.

Give businesses a way to communicate back with you. Some may choose to not receive future broadcast faxes from your company, so should have a way to let you know. Many will want you to send them a product, or ask questions about their service. Include a toll free fax number, toll free phone number, your email address, your fax number, or even your physical address to visit your business.

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Are you in need of a Fax Broadcasting Company to market your own product or service? There are already many benefits which you have read about on this site. If you are ready to advertise your product or service now, Let's get started!

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Fax Email Database Broadcasting At It's Best!


Broadcast Fax Marketing software has made it really easy for the average businessperson to manage their own fax blasting program.


Broadcasting, like every new effort has a learning curve built into it. Mistakes are unavoidable. But time is money, so while dealing with the high volumes normally involved in fax broadcasting, one simple mistake can be very costly.


In selecting the outside fax broadcast services that are right for your company, remember – technology is everything in the
fax broadcast industry.


There's no better way to get your message or picture printed and in the palm of your recipient's hand anywhere in the world faster than with fax broadcasting.


Our Sales Leads Database will benefit your business in ways you never thought of.