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Send Multiple emails to drive revenue

Communicating with prospective customers is always somewhat of a numbers game because even your best prospects and repeat customers are not ready to make an immediate purchase every time you contact them. A successfully delivered marketing message usually reaches people who fall in one of three categories:

- Immediate Purchasers: The smallest slice represents immediate purchasers. Building a marketing strategy based on a single message or one time touch, to go after cold prospects in hopes of immediate purchases usually results in a loss or a small return on investment. Sometimes, immediate purchases email marketing purchases happen just because you delivered your email marketing messages at the right place and at the right time. A single message that results in an immediate purchase usually means that the prospect has already done some research or is otherwise familiar with you or the product and services you sell.

- Interested Prospects: A second portion of the pie represents prospects that show interest but are not ready to make a purchase immediately. Interested prospects are unlikely to return for these reasons.
1) Need time for more research or compare products.
2) Waiting for money to become available.
3) No trust built yet for you or your business.
4) A similar recent purchase.

Why send multiple emails? Prospects that show interest but are not yet ready to buy are unlikely to remember a single message and turn to your business several weeks, months or years later when they become ready to make an immediate purchase. Instead, they might end up becoming the immediate purchaser in response to someone else's message.

- Uninterested people: The rest of the pie represents people who are not interested at all in your message. There will always be people who are not at all interested in your products or services for one reason or another. Even the best email marketing strategies can not keep you from spending a portion of your time and money needlessly contacting people who will never buy from you.

You can turn interested prospects into immediate purchasers by following up on your messages. Periodic follow up messages can also help to turn your immediate purchases into repeat purchasers.

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