Spam and Email Advertising


Spam and Email Advertising-How you can minimize your spam complaints over time by doing the following in your email marketing:

- Ask for explicit permission to send email when you collect email addresses from prospects and customers to make sure that your customers want your emails.

- Make your email content valuable so your email list subscribers continue to want your emails.

- Make your sign up process memorable for your list subscribers and clearly identify your business in every emails from line so your audience can verify the source of your emails.

- Use logos and colors in every email that match your brand identtity so that your audienvce recognizes your business.

- Keep your email frequency in line with your email content and your email list subscribers expectations.

- Use an Email Service Provider that provides an unsubscribe link in every email you send and allows your subscribers to access their profile to change their interests.

- Ask everyone who unsubscribes from your email list to tell you why they do not want your email.

- Use an Email Marketing Software that authenticates your email addresses list.

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