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Email Target Marketing Message

Repeating the wrong message with the wrong frequency has the potential to drive your target marketing away. When you send follow up messages, make sure your repeat messages employ the following sound email marketing principle:

- Make your message personal: People are less likely to open your emails if they do not recognize who it is from. Before you send a follow up message think about where the people on your email list came from and then act accordingly.
- If you met each prospect on your list personally, send the email using your name in the from line.
- If you collect email addresses by using a form on your website, include your domain name in the from line.

Check with your email marketing software company whether you can do an electronic mail-merge on your database so that you can personalize your emails with each recipient's first name.

Make your message memorable. Most email marketing messages are easily forgotten by consumers. If you can not connect your email marketing message t0 a prior relationship, your prospect might feel that your follow up messages are junk mail. Your email will generally be more memorable when you consistently remind your prospects that they know you.

- Send follow up with in 24 hours of the very first contact if you met the prospect in person.
- Send a follow up email when your prospect signs up for your email list online.

Timing is everything. Setting your audience expectations and sending email according to a frequency plan helps to ensure that your messages are not overwhelming:

- Periodically remind all your prospects how they came to be subscribed to your list and what they can expect to receive going forward.

- Do not let too much time go between communications. Once monthly is a good minimum as long as your content is relevant.

- Remain consistent with your timing. For example, if you choose to send an email every Friday make sure you always send it on Friday at the same time.

- Make your email valuable. After you capture the attention and interest of your prospects, you generally have one or two chances to impress them before they decide whether they want more of your communications. Before you send follow up emails, ask yourself what your prospect is likely to find valuable.

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